Sunday, May 9, 2010

George Segal (1924-2000)

George Segal was an American artist.

Charles Ray (1953- )

Charles Ray is an American sculptor.

Paul McCarthy (1945- )

Paul McCarthy is an American artist.

Robert Gober (1954- )

Robert Gober is an American artist.

Magdalena Abakanowicz (1930- )

Magdalena Abakanowicz is a Polish sculptor.

Stephan Balkenhol (1957- )

Stephan Balkenhol is a German sculptor.

Marc Quinn (1964- )

Marc Quinn is a British sculptor.

Loris Greaud (1979- )

Loris Greaud is a French artist who works in Paris and Ho Chi Minh.

Corin Hewitt (1971- )

Corin Hewitt is an American artist.

Ron Mueck (1958- )

Ron Mueck is an Australian sculptor who lives and works in the UK.

Ana Mendieta (1948-1985)

Ana Mendieta was an American artist known for her performance work and body art.

Brice Dellsperger (1972- )

Brice Dellsperger is a French artist known for his body double work, where he remakes movies and plays every single character..

Swetlana Heger (1968- )

Swetlana Heger is a Czech artist who lives and works in Berlin.

John Bock (1965- )

John Bock is a German artist who works with performance art and installation.

Yayoi Kusama (1929- )

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist. All of her work is generally characterized by its use of patterns.

Annette Messager (1943- )

Annette Messager is a French artist.

Rebecca Horn (1944- )

Rebecca Horn is a German artist most known for her work manipulating her own body.